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September 16, 2008

Restaurateur Tips

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1.                 Anything that makes the guest feels wrong, stupid or clumsy.

2.                 Salads that aren’t chilled

3.                 Water glasses and coffee cups not automatically refilled.

4.                 Hot food on cold plates or hot beverages in cold cups.

5.                 Hot food that’s not hot or cold food at room temperature.

6.                 Being put on “hold” for more than 30 seconds.

7.                 Chipped dishes or glasses.

8.                 Spotted or tarnished silverware.

9.                 Streaked glasses. (Hold them up to the light to check).

10.             Menus or place mate that are ripped stained or smudged.

11.             Bread or rolls stale around the edges.

12.             Not enough menus for all guests.

13.             Boring salad bars or buffets (no “frazzle dazzle”),

14.             Waiting for three minutes without having a drink order taken.

15.             Food waiting visibly in the pickup window without being pick up.

16.             Running out of chine, silver or glassware.

17.             Silverware is crooked on the tables.

18.             Tabletop that is not picture-perfect.

19.             Sugar bowls that are dirty inside (remove packets and checks).

20.             Salt and pepper shakers that are greasy to the touch or half empty

21.             Ketchup bottles that are coated at the neck.

22.             Running out of any item in the bar or restaurant – any time

23.             Service staff with an “I’m doing you a favor” attitude.

24.             Banquets, receptions or coffee breaks that start late.

25.             “Flat” soft drink.

26.             Debris, butts or paper and not immediately pick-up.

27.             Opening late or closing early contrary to posted hours.

28.             Ordering the description of a dish and serving something else.

29.             Not being acknowledged with eye contact, a smile and a hello immediately upon entering the restaurant.

30.             Chairs or booths that are dirty stained or have crumbs.

31.             Not getting free coffee at breakfast in the wait or coffee not more that 3 minutes.

32.             Dried out fruit garnish at the bar

33.             Buffet tables or salad bars not supervised or promptly replenished

34.             Not getting breakfast coffee immediately upon seating

35.             Orders that arrive incomplete.

36.             Service staff asking, “who gets what?”

37.             Stained coffee cups (checks inside)

38.             Murky water in the bud vase or wilted flowers on the table.

39.             Coffee that’s not steaming hot, especially at banquets

40.             Tiles linen with small holes rips or burns

41.             Wobbly tables and chairs

42.             Greasy, dirty rags used to wipe

43.             Service staff that talks to there order pads.

44.             Frozen desserts served too hard to get a spoon.

45.             Not being sincerely thanked before leaving the restaurant

46.             Managers and staff who aren’t listening when spoken to,

47.             Being on a light schedule and not being able to get through breakfast in 25 minutes.

48.             Food checks that are sloppy, wet, stained or calculated wrong.

49.             Service staff who avoid eye contact and a smile

50.             Drinking with nothing to nibble on.

51.             Butter so hard it rips the bread

52.             Dirty or disorderly kitchens (yes, the guests can see into the kitchen).

53.             The feeling or being “processed” rather than being served.

54.             Failure to promptly resolve a complaint (in favor of the guest).

55.             Seating smokers beside non-smokers.

56.             Lighting that’s too dim to read the menu easily.

57.             Long dissertations of the restaurant’s specials (keep it short).

58.             “Background” music that intrudes on conversation.

59.             Restrooms that are not spotless clean smelling and well stocked.


61.             Staff eating or drinking at workstations, especially in view of the guest.

62.             Poor personal hygiene and sanitation practices (like sneezing, then handling food without washing hands).]

63.             Soiled or all fitting uniforms.

64.             Sitting at the table for more than one minute without being acknowledged.

65.             Staff who can’t answer basic questions about the menu items.

66.             Service not provided to guests in the order of the their arrival or seating

67.             Grossly inaccurate estimates of waiting time or lost reservations

68.             Wiping seats and tabletops with the same cloth.

69.             Wet or sticky tabletops.



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